May 1, 2013



Excellent surf conditions have greeted the surfers during pre-event free surf sessions at the tropical world-class reef break in Santa Catalina, Panama. Photo: Philippe Demarsan

Surfline’s Official Forecast Calls for Great Surf Conditions for the Duration of the Contest Period

A total of 24 countries and over 150 athletes and coaches are confirmed to compete in the 2013 Reef ISA World Surfing Games, in the tropical surf town of Santa Catalina, located 6 hours from Panama City by car. Each National Team consists of up to 4 Open Men and 2 Open Women surfers plus Team Officials.

The confirmed countries are Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Panama, Peru, Puerto Rico, Russia, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Uruguay, and Venezuela.

“There are only a few days to go before the Opening Ceremony and the start of the 2013 Reef ISA World Surfing Games. All National Teams have been announced and the athletes have begun to arrive in the surf town of Santa Catalina, Panama,” remarked ISA President Fernando Aguerre.

“The surfers will be practicing at the world-class reef break waves in preparation for the World Championship that begins with the Opening Ceremony on Saturday and the competition on Sunday. Great surfing conditions and waves in the head high to overhead range in Panama’s 84 degree (29 C) water are welcoming the delegations. As I like to remind all competitors, representing your country for national pride is one of the highest honors. You are already a winner by competing on behalf of your National Surfing Team.”

Surfline, the official forecaster of the event, has predicted great waves during the whole contest period.


Panama team member, Alejandro “Cholito” Alfonso, warms up at his local break hoping that his wave knowledge will give him an advantage against the world’s best surfers. Photo: Philippe Demarsan

“Plenty of contestable waves are lining up for the entire event; starting off with a solid SSW swell, then possibly ending with another good SW swell. At least for the first few days or so, conditions are looking good as well, with mornings offering the best wind with incoming tide,” said Surfline Forecaster Jonathan Warren. “At this point, we’re looking at head high sets or better for the entire event.”

The full Surfline Forecast can be found on-

Below is a full list of the confirmed teams. Please note team registration closes on Friday and is subject to change. The final list will be found on-

Open Men:

  • Nahuel Amalfitano
  • Marcelo Rodriguez
  • Lucas Santamaria
  • Leandro Osuna

Open Women:

  • Maia Cheer
  • Maria Lucia Belen Cosoleto

Team Officials:

  • Carlos Grassi
  • Juan Manuel Santamaria

Open Men:

  • Tim McDonald
  • Thomas Woods
  • Russell Molony
  • Wade Carmichael

Open Women:

  • Codie Klein
  • Dimity Stoyle

Team Officials:

  • Mike McSuliffe


Open Men:

  • Alan Jhones
  • Ruda Carvalho
  • Marco Fernandez
  • Jose Francisco

Open Women:

  • Suelen Naraisa
  • Barbara Segatto

Team Officials:

  • Adalvo Argolo
  • Gabriel Macedo

Open Women:

  • Leah Oke

Open Men:

  • Tristan Aicardi
  • Guillermo Sat
  • Nicolas Vargas
  • Maximilian Cross Gantes

Open Women:

  • Pomare Tepano
  • Jessica Anderson

Team Officials:

  • Francisco Gana Molina

Costa Rica
Open Men:

  • Luis Vindas
  • Gilbert Brown
  • Jair Perez
  • Noe Mar McGonagle

Open Women:

  • Pomare Tepano
  • Jessica Anderson

Team Oficials:

  • Francisco Gana Molina

Open Men:

  • Adrian Dapelo
  • Jonathan Zambrano
  • Sebastian Santos
  • Joshua Barona

Open Women:

  • Dominic Barona
  • Cristina Vargas

Team Officials:

  • Otoney Xavier Santos
  • Cirilo Yagual


El Salvador
Open Men:

  • Porfiro Alexis Miranda Miranda
  • Juan Carlos Ramos Amaya
  • Samuel de Jesus Arenival Cordova
  • Israel Antonio Arenivar Cordova

Open Women:

  • Katherine Carolina Diaz Hernandez
  • Eveline del Carmen Cento Alvarez


Open Men:

  • Amos Rivera
  • Mario Venega
  • Gefre Lima
  • Christian Mendez

Open Women:

  • Cindy Lone
  • Virginia Bartolome

Team Officials:

  • Pedro Vergara
  • Obed Rivera
  • Edgar Guillen


Open Men:

  • Stefano Esposito
  • Francisco Porcella
  • Federico Pilurzu
  • Angelo Bonomelli

Open Women:

  • Greta Dalle Luche
  • Valentina Vitale


Open Men:

  • Icah Wilmot
  • Ackeam Phillips
  • Michael Panton
  • Ronley Lewis


Open Men:

  • Shun Murakami
  • Kaito Ohashi
  • Kazutomo Nakamura
  • Yoji Osedo

Open Women:

  • Nao Omura
  • Hiroe Mori

Team Officials:

  • Yusuke Maki
  • Katsumi Tateyama


Open Men:

  • Julio Quinones
  • Dylan Southworth
  • Jose Manuel Trujillo
  • Adrian Rodriguez

Open Women:

  • Leila Figueroa Takeda
  • Pamela Verboonen


New Zealand
Open Men:

  • Matt Lewis-Hewitt
  • Billy Stairmand
  • JC Susan
  • Sean Peggs

Open Women:

  • Ella Williams
  • Thandi Tipene

Team Officials:

  • Dean Williams


Open Men:

  • Gary Saavedra
  • Gian Carlos Gonzales
  • Jose Alejanndro Camarena
  • Deivis Godoy

Open Women:

  • Enilda Alonso
  • Malena Toral


  • Diego Salgado
  • Oralndo Ortega Jr.
  • Karol Baule

Team Officials:

  • Ness De Icaza
  • Raul Stanford
  • Orlando Ortega


Open Men:

  • Miguel Tudela
  • Alvaro Malpartida
  • Cristobal De Col
  • Gabriel Villaran

Open Women:

  • Anali Jessica Gomez Quiroz
  • Valeria Sole

Team Officials:

  • Gabriel Aramburu
  • Renato Quezada
  • Ricardo Kaufman


Puerto Rico
Open Men:

  • Tommy Bursian
  • Josie Graves
  • Brian Reithmayer Toth
  • Roger Torres

Open Women:

  • Idalis Alvarado
  • Kelly Ann Laide


Open Men:

  • Sergey Rasshivaev


South Africa
Open Men:

  • Shaun Joubert
  • Mike February
  • Davey Brand
  • David Van Zyl

Open Women:

  • Tanika Hoffman
  • Faye Zoetmulder

Team Officials:

  • Etienne Venter


Open Men:

  • Freddie Meadows


Open Men:

  • Martin Muller
  • Swen Diego Zaugg
  • Phillip Mappes
  • Inaune Cyril

Open Women:

  • Rachel Bonhote/Mead
  • Nataly Bernold Gutierrez


Open Men:

  • Orkun Kavusturan
  • Tunc Ucyildiz
  • Batu Bilgin
  • Onat Ersoy

Team Officials:

  • Cuneyt Senson
  • Syleyman Yilmaz
  • Tolga Hadimoglu
  • Orcun Kavusturan


Open Men:

  • Lucas Madrid
  • Santiago Madrid
  • George Acosta
  • Sebastian Olarte

Open Women:

  • Sofia Alonso
  • Martina Lorenti

Team Officials:

  • Santiago Madrid
  • Veronica Aimonod


Open Men:

  • David Diaz
  • Rafael Pereira
  • Francisco Bellorin
  • Jean Carlo Schaffer

Open Women:

  • Rosanny Alvarez
  • Maria Eugenia Rojas


  • Natali Alvarez
  • Joisis Delgado

Team Officials:

  • Heli Valero
  • Ronald Reyes
  • Jesus Capote

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